Why are climate cameras important?

November 18, 2022by Kalstein

Climatic chambers are equipment or devices used in laboratories for the purpose of reproducing controlled conditions of temperature and humidity inside them for carrying out studies or tests to verify the behavior and quality of products and materials exposed to such climatic conditions.

They are also known as controlled atmosphere cameras, which can be modified depending on the needs that need to be covered by the operator. Among the parameters that can be modified or altered using these equipment we find: temperature, air circulation, and humidity. They can be used to perform the following tests: how to determine environmental effects on test samples, preparing samples for physical or chemical tests, and as an environmental condition simulator for conducting specimen tests.

How does a climate chamber work?

A climate chamber is a closed space used to test the effects of specific environmental conditions on items of biological origin, industrial products, materials, devices and electronic components. This equipment reproduces or artificially simulates the conditions to which it could be exposed, but can also be used to accelerate the effects of exposure to the environment, sometimes in extreme conditions.

A climate chamber is responsible for testing and exposing products to various environmental conditions in a controlled environment, both climate chamber and thermal shock tests are part of the tests that are carried out in this chamber. Conditions to which products may be exposed in a climate chamber include extreme temperatures, sudden and extreme variations in temperature, altitude, humidity or relative humidity, electrodynamic vibrations, electromagnetic radiation and others.

Importance of Climate Chambers

The importance of the climatic chambers is that within these laboratory devices are carried out different analyzes that help verify the behavior, quality of products, materials exposed to certain climatic conditions and their useful life, that is to say, in them stability tests are performed. These data are evaluated in a period of 6 months onwards, performing intermediate storage conditions.

One of the disadvantages of finished products and materials that are needed for their production are the different climates to which they are subjected in different areas, because this can generate alterations in their properties, characteristics and storage. Therefore, any finished product, whether for human or animal consumption, medicines, cosmetics, food and medical devices must be subjected to stability tests, recording the changes in their microbiological characteristics, assets, packaging and thus analyzing them and finally assuring the consumer the quality and efficacy of the product within its useful life.

Structure of the climate chambers

The climatic chambers have a structure of components that allow to simulate specific conditions of temperature, humidity and, occasionally, also of light. These cameras can be presented in small models that are placed on laboratory tables or in large presentations on wheels, which can be easily moved from place to place. With capacities ranging from 20 to 400,000 liters.

These cameras can be equipped with LCD displays for time setting, or a touch-sensitive PC with software for scheduling, control, data logging, alarms and an LED indicator to indicate the beginning and end of a cycle. They can have double door design and magnetic sealing in order to avoid any kind of leakage. They also have a compressor that can handle the temperatures used, and they are adjustable to the needs of the user and the operation being performed.

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