Is continuous quality control necessary for automatic blood chemistry analyzers for the laboratory?

January 29, 2023by Kalstein

Continuous quality control is an essential process to ensure the accuracy of the results of blood chemistry tests performed in laboratories. Thanks to the continuous quality control, the laboratories, in addition to having the reliability, precision and accuracy of the results, verify the proper functioning of the automatic analyzers. This type of control is essential to detect faults that may present equipment, before clinical errors occur in modern practices.

Continuous quality control should be carried out in a thorough manner. This means that automatic blood chemistry analyzers are subjected to regular checks, evaluating separately each of the influential parameters in quality control tests, such as pH, temperature, among others. Continuous quality control helps to detect errors or incidents in a timely manner, minimizing the risks when issuing analytical results. Finally, it should be noted that continuous quality control facilitates the improvement of the quality and cost-effectiveness of laboratory equipment, which translates into greater benefits for patients.

Automatic Blood Chemistry Analyser

The automatic blood chemistry analyser is a state-of-the-art equipment designed to analyze blood chemistry very accurately and quickly. These computers usually have several features that help them perform the various analyzes. One of these aspects is size and weight, which makes them easier to transport, also, they are equipped with advanced sensors and electronic components that measure the chemical components in a blood sample. The results are quickly displayed on a screen and can be printed and stored after the test, for future analysis.

Blood chemistry analysers also offer several additional functions, such as detailed graphical reports, control of the level of storage of information, and much control of the result of the analysis. These characteristics make this equipment an essential tool for many clinical analysis laboratories, and also for physicians specializing in patients who require constant medical care, offering improved medical care for them.

Continuous Quality Control for Automatic Blood Chemistry Analysers for Laboratory

Continuous quality control for blood chemistry analysers is an essential part of a clinical laboratory. Laboratory tests must be reliable, which means there must be adequate control of the quality of the sample and the results of the tests. This is achieved by using standardized procedures to ensure data quality. The baseline for any modern laboratory is the use of continuous quality controls to ensure that analyzes are performed reliably and accurately.

An effective approach to continuous quality control for blood chemistry analyzers is the implementation of quality-based programs, designed to monitor and control several key variables to ensure the reliability and accuracy of results. This includes controls that involve maintaining the accuracy of equipment calibration patterns, as well as verifying and certifying analysis procedures. Quality control is an ongoing process and should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure alignment with relevant standards and laboratory operational requirements. The implementation of a continuous quality control program allows the laboratory to provide reliable results.

Automatic Blood Chemistry Analyser Brand Kalstein

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