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Operating tables are medical equipment that allow optimal, precise and safe positioning of the patient in the operating room for all surgical specialties. These specialized tables facilitate patient positioning during various surgical procedures and allow the surgeon to have good access to the surgical field. Depending on the model, the operating tables can be operated manually, mechanically, electrohydraulically or electromechanically.

The operating tables are designed to allow the surgeon to perform the surgical maneuvers necessary for a successful surgical intervention and a faster, simpler and more efficient workflow. The importance of the operating table lies in its usefulness within the operating room, it fulfills the crucial function of facilitating the surgical approach, placing the patient in the best position in relation to the surgeon.

Kalstein Operating Table

At Kalstein you can find the ideal Operating Tables for your laboratory


Operating Tables YR02158

The YR02158 surgical table is a Hydraulic manually controlled operating table with a load capacity of 200kg...


Operating tables YR02155

YR Series operating tables suit a variety of positioning requirements from different specific disciplines...


Operating table YR02154

YR02154 surgical operating table is a universal electric operating table that allows all kinds of surgical positions...


Operating tables YR02153

Impressive improvements in functional performance, user interaction and operational safety make YR02153...


Our Best Selling Operating Table

La mesa de operaciones quirúrgica YR02154 es una mesa de operaciones eléctrica universal que permite todo tipo de posiciones quirúrgicas. Basado en el sistema electrohidráulico altamente confiable y estable, se puede configurar fácilmente y colocar con precisión con un nivel de ruido ultra bajo. Con la función de restablecimiento de una tecla integrada, el panel de mano, el panel de control de espera en la columna y la placa de cabeza plegable para mayor descanso, la mesa de operaciones quirúrgica brindará una gran comodidad de operación y experiencia quirúrgica tanto para los cirujanos como para los pacientes.

- La mesa de operaciones quirúrgica YR02154 presenta una superficie de rayos X radiotransparente y permite un uso conveniente del arco en C.
- Utiliza almohadillas adaptables que son fáciles de reemplazar y limpiar.
- La mesa de operaciones quirúrgica es altamente maniobrable con un freno central.
- Adopta la batería recargable incorporada que permite 50 lotes ininterrumpidos de operaciones quirúrgicas después de una carga completa.
- Está disponible un desplazamiento longitudinal de hasta 296 mm.

Analysis of the best Operating Tables for your lab

Operating tables - care and maintenance

The standard operating table has postural controls for manipulation, flexion or extension to the desired position...

Mesas de operaciones, ¿qué es una mesa Radiotransparente?

Las mesas quirúrgicas son uno de los elementos más importantes en el quirófano, siendo la superficie plana donde se...


Parts of an operating table .......................

Operating tables or also called surgical tables are used in the operating room to position the patient during surgery...


¿Cómo se utilizan las mesas de operaciones? .......................

Las mesas de operaciones son equipos médicos que permiten un posicionamiento óptimo, preciso y seguro del paciente...


Guidelines for you to become a Operating Tables Expert

Operating tables: Select the correct one

Modern operating tables are available in both stationary and mobile units. Operating tables use a power source...

Types of operating tables


The surgical operating table is a type of specialized table used in the medical operating room to position the patient during surgery....

Surgical table: Their characteristic?


A surgical table is a vitally important piece of medical equipment in any operating room. It allows the patient to be properly positioned...

Operating tables: different types

A surgical table is a specialized table used in the medical operating room to position the patient during surgery....

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