Patient Monitor and Infant Monitor

A patient monitor is a medical equipment used to detect, process and display continuously the vital parameters of a patient under continuous medical surveillance, among these parameters we can mention respiratory rate, blood pressure, body temperature and pulse.  This device performs a real-time recording of these parameters, reflecting their information in the form of waves and numbers for subsequent clinical interpretation. 

Patient monitors are very useful in health institutions where emergency and hospitalization services are provided. Since it is provided with a series of alarms that alert the health personnel when there is an adverse situation or out of the desired limits, although these can be silenced if they are trying to solve the problem that has generated them.

Kalstein Patient Monitor and Child Monitor

At Kalstein you can find the ideal Patient Monitor and Child Monitor for your laboratory


Patient Monitor YR02161

Designed for accurate assessment, it features a color LED display, which allows clear visualization for users.


Fetal Doppler Monitor YR02180

7-inch TFT display; digital display and oscilloscope of twin heart rate waveform (HRF), uterine contraction pressure value (Toco) and...


Patient Monitors YR02176

8.4-inch touch screen; Embedded handle; Capable of using the module; 1.6 kg weight; 5 hours battery life; Fanless design.

YR0217 Headboard Monitor4

The intensive care unit is different from the general ward. The diversity of patient diseases and unpredictable changes in condition...


Our best-selling Patient Monitor and child monitor

NICU monitor. Specillay designed for neonates.
8.4 inch touch screen, ECG (3 leads), Suntech NIBP, Masimo SpO2, RESP, singal TEMP, HR / PR, Multi-screen interface, respiratory asphyxia analysis, 112 mm printer, lithium battery

  • 8.4-inch TFT touch screen, lightweight and compact design;
  • Weak current detection down to 0.1 mv ECG ensures monitoring performance in newborns;
  • The anti-motion technology used in SpO2 and NIBP guarantees an accurate reading;
  • Unique adjustable breathing cable to increase the accuracy of neonatal patient monitoring;
  • Built-in 112 mm printer with a maximum output of 7 waveforms simultaneously.

Analysis of the best Patient Monitor and Child Monitor for your lab

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This medical equipment, necessary in clinics and hospitals, is used to control and monitor the vital signs of the...


Patient monitors and child monitors: different applications

A patient monitor is a medical equipment that allows the continuous detection, processing and display of the patient's...


How do you read a patient monitor?

Patient monitors must be used by health professionals trained for this purpose, who know how to interpret the...

Parameters measured by a patient monitor.

This equipment collects, displays and stores all the patient's vital signs. It works differently for each vital sign. For example...


Guidelines for you to become an expert Patient Monitor and child monitor

Measures a monitor patient?

Multiparameter patient meters, also known as cardiac monitors, are used to measure a patient's vital signs that determine...

How is a vital signs monitor used?

Vital signs monitoring is generally used in patients undergoing anesthesia, medications or any other treatment that determines.....

Vital signs monitor: How is it used?

The use of a vital signs monitor is not restricted to a specific disease, since it is a medical device that evaluates in a general ...

Child monitors: types and uses

An infant monitor is a medical equipment capable of detecting, processing and displaying continuously the physiological parameters of the infant patient such as...

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