Children’s phototherapy incubator in Kalstein France.

December 21, 2021by Kalstein

Newborns who present alterations in bilirubin (Bb) or hyperbilirubinemia; require special care, due to the problems they may present such as hepatic or anemia, considering that a high number of neonates at term and preterm, are diagnosed with jaundice in their first week of life, requiring special treatments.

Jaundice is a condition present in the neonate when bilirubin deposits in the blood are greater than 7mg/dl, and is primarily detected by yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes; some causes are: increased production of bilirubin, restriction in Bb uptake and conjugation, and an increase in intestinal reabsorption of unconjugated or indirect bilirubin.

Treatment for children with elevated bilirubin

The main treatment for infants with jaundice is phototherapy, it is also used as a prophylaxis in large preterm infants; this phototherapy is a therapeutic meditation that transforms the bilirubin that is present in the capillaries and in the interstitial space; In addition, special nursing care is required to improve the efficacy and to prevent complications of phototherapy.

This treatment through phototherapy, may be required for several days or weeks, the time he drinks spends in the light will depend on how high the bilirubin presents, this treatment is also effective for inflammatory and neoplastic dermatological diseases of the skin through ultraviolet radiation, which has mainly an anti-inflammatory action.

Kalstein child phototherapy incubator

The necessary equipment to perform phototherapy infantile and that is indispensable to be found in every hospital, clinic and medical center, is the incubator of children’s phototherapy; and we Kalstein France as a manufacturer of medical and laboratory equipment, we have at your disposal a variety of high-tech incubators with different designs for comfort and ease of use for caregivers.

Phototherapy incubators act on ancon conjugated or indirect bilirubin, it absorbs light and becomes water-soluble polarized products that are excreted in feces and urine, without the need for conjugation in the liver; this procedure produces three photochemical reactions: Structural Isomerization, Photoisomerization and Photooxidation.

Types of Children’s Phototherapy Incubator in Kalstein France

  • YR02182 Children’s Phototherapy Incubator: function of child incubator and treatment of neonates with jaundice, in addition it can show the precise parameters, air temperature, skin temperature and multiple alarms with three levels.
  • Children’s phototherapy incubator YR02183 – is characterized by keeping fragile neonates in a stable and comfortable environment; offers the best therapy for jaundice in the neonatal intensive care unit.
  • YR02184 Children’s Phototherapy Incubator– is the most sophisticated unit, treats jaundice with simultaneous intensive LED phototherapy in an appropriate, protected and reliable environment, with a compact design and ergonomic adjustment of height and soft trolley.

Optional accessories for children’s phototherapy incubators in Kalstein France

  • Side door, front-rear door.
  • Humidity monitor and controller.
  • Double wall hood.
  • Adjustable vertical height.
  • Children’s phototherapy unit (OSRAM tubes)
  • Side door, front-rear door.
  • Double wall hood.
  • Adjustable vertical height.
  • Children’s phototherapy unit (OSRAM tubes)
  • Side door, front-rear door.
  • Double wall hood.
  • Children’s phototherapy unit (OSRAM tubes)

Applications of children’s phototherapy incubators in Kalstein France

Each model has design, different settings, parts and structure ranging from the concept of simplicity and effective, with reliability and low cost. Or they offer benefits applicable in all hospitals and clinics, optimizing treatment in premature neonates, sick full-term babies or babies with jaundice.

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