Infant Bilirubin Phototherapy Unit

Phototherapy is a therapeutic measure that is carried out through phototherapy units, equipment that uses electromagnetic radiation (light) for the treatment of neonatal jaundice, in order to reduce the severity of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. The administration of phototherapy will depend on bilirubin levels, age of life, gestational age at birth, birth weight, cause of jaundice and clinical status of the newborn.

An infant bilirubin phototherapy unit is a medical instrument commonly consisting of 4 blue light tubes and 2 white light tubes, and a cover or shield that protects the newborn in case of breakage of the tubes and ultraviolet light. The blue tubes are placed in the center and the white tubes on the sides. At present, these phototherapy lamps are made up of fluorescent and LED bulbs used for neonatal treatment.

Kalstein Children's Bilirubin Phototherapy Unit

At Kalstein you can find the ideal Children's Bilirubin Phototherapy unit for your Hospital

There are a myriad of models, so it's not uncommon to not know which Children's Bilirubin Phototherapy Unit to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate them so you can find what you are looking for.


Infant bilirubin phototherapy unit YR02195

This model has 4 suction cup legs for attachment to an incubator.LEDs as phototherapy radiating elements. Fanless design for a quiet atmosphere.


Infant bilirubin phototherapy unit YR02194

 LED fluorescent lamp as phototherapy radiating elements. The curing angle of the lamp can be adjusted horizontally...


Our Best Selling Children's Bilirubin Phototherapy Unit

  • This model has 4 sucker legs in order to be fixed on an incubator.

    • LED as the phototherapy radianting elements
    • No-fan design for a silent atmosphere
    • Big area light source for better cure
    • Able to use with most of other types of baby incubators

Analysis of the best Children's Bilirubin Phototherapy Units for your Hospital

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An infant bilirubin phototherapy unit is a medical equipment usually consisting of 4 blue light tubes and 2...

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Phototherapy is a therapeutic measure that is carried out through phototherapy units, equipment that uses electromagnetic...


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Incubators for newborns (neonatal) are medical devices used to provide an environment in which essential...

Children's phototherapy incubator at Kalstein France

Newborns with alterations in bilirubin (Bb) or hyperbilirubinemia require special care, due to the problems they may...


Catalog of models of Children's Bilirubin Phototherapy Unit on offer

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