Recirculating chillers

The recirculating chillers are used in many laboratories to meet a wide variety of important purposes, from improving the accuracy of the experiments to improve the safety of personnel who work in the laboratory. They are teams with many uses and important benefits. Depending on the needs of the laboratory, there are different types of coolers that can be used. In this article, we will make emphasis on recirculation coolers.

The chiller is usually used to provide constant conditions of low temperature for inspections, chemical, biological and physical experiments that must be carried out at low temperature, mainly used in the field of medicine, food processes, chemical industry and education in universities e Research institutes.

We put at your disposal a wide range of recirculating chillers.

Recirculating Chiller YR02301

This compact chiller is particularly designed for lab scale rotary evaporator. It is reasonably structured with small foot-print, which can be placed on bench or on floor.

  1. Circulating joint nozzle can be rotated 360° which makes it easy to connect with corollary equipment.
  2. All parts contacting refrigerant is made of stainless steel 304 and macromolecule anti-corrosive material.
  3. World famous brand compressor ensures high reliabilit.

Recirculating Chiller YR02297 // YR02300

This series of chiller is usually used to provide constant low temperature condition for inspections, chemical, biological and physical experiments which need to be carried on under low temperature, mainly used for medicine and health care, food process, chemical industry and teaching in colleges and research institutes.


In Kalstein you can find your chillers / cooling recirculators for your laboratory.

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Equipment with water recirculation and contact with wet surface

These equipment are constituted by a housing on whose walls some panels of porous material (filling), usually treated wood chips, cellulose or in the most sophisticated equipment, fiberglass panels are provided.


Lost water equipment pulverized by nozzles

These are water spraying systems equipped with medium or high pressure pumps and a tube system with nozzles that generate microwave up to 5μ, directly in the areas where it is desired to achieve the refrigeration effect.

What has been your technical evolution?

Evaporative conditioning has been the first form of air conditioning used by humans, it is called that in the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, wet straw bales placed in the windows were used to reduce the temperature of the rooms.

Recirculating chillers: How Does It Work?

The operation of these devices is based on the partial evaporation of the water in direct contact with the air stream. With this phenomenon, two effects are achieved, refrigerate the air and humidify it. The main objective in these teams is, normally, cooling. Other equipment that spray water on an air stream in order to humidify it, are usually used in various ventilation and air conditioning uses, but these humidifiers or wetter, are not evaporative cooling equipment.

There are several types of evaporative cooling facilities. From the point of view of the use of water we can consider a first classification:

  1. Equipment without recirculation of water (of lost water)
  2. Equipment with water recirculation



What is your ideal recirculating chillers for your labortory

There are innumerable models, so it is normal that you do not know which recirculating chiller buy to meet your needs. In Kalstein, we evaluate them to find what you are looking for.

Cooling equipment - How does it work? - Kalstein

Evaporative cooling equipment is instruments that put an air stream in contact with a water stream to reduce the air temperature, taking advantage of the energy absorbed by the water...


Recirculating chillers operation - Kalstein

Chillers are used in many laboratories for a wide variety of important purposes, from improving the precision of experiments to improving the safety of laboratory personnel...

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