Ultrasound Scanner

An ultrasound scanner is a medical equipment that provides images of most soft tissues without subjecting patients to ionizing radiation. In other words, it allows diagnostic images to be obtained from the echoes obtained by the emission of ultrasound waves (the most common). A small instrument called a transducer, very similar to a microphone, emits ultrasound waves. These high-frequency sound waves are transmitted into the area of the body under study and their echo is received. The transducer picks up the echo of the sound waves and a computer converts it into an image that appears on the screen.

Ultrasound is a high-frequency sound wave (more than 20,000 cycles per second or 20 kHz) that is not audible to humans. Different tissues alter the waves in different ways, some reflect them directly and others scatter them in the form of echoes before they reach the transducer. Deeper reflected echoes are more attenuated than surface echoes. When the echoes return to the transducer it is possible to reconstruct a two-dimensional map of the tissues.

Types of Ultrasound scanners that a laboratory may need

Ultrasonic diagnostic equipment

Diagnostic ultrasonography equipment applies ultrasonic pulses to an object and uses the bouncing waves to trace the interior shape of the object. It is used to examine internal organs, fetuses and other aspects of the human body in the medical setting.

Patients are not exposed to radiation, as diagnostic ultrasonography equipment uses sound waves instead of radiation. It also has advantages, such as making patient testing easier and less unpleasant, as it does not require elaborate preparations. However, because ultrasound waves do not pass through bone or air, this technology cannot be used to examine the lungs, stomachs or intestines, which include air.

Ultrasonic color Doppler diagnostic system

A high-resolution color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic device with a sophisticated computer processing platform. The technique is mainly used to diagnose abdominal, cardiac, peripheral vessel, breast, obstetric and gynecological, small organ, urological, urological, muscular, augmentation, pediatric and other conditions. It uses Doppler ultrasound imaging technology, advanced image processing technology (such as digital beamforming technology, tissue harmonic imaging (THI), image speckle suppression, etc.) and an integrated digital graphic management system, as well as an in-house professional measurement software package to meet the diagnostic needs of the clinic.

Kalstein Ultrasound Scanner

At Kalstein you can find the ideal Ultrasound scanners for your laboratory


Color Doppler Ultrasound 128 Elements Good Quality YR05151 ........................................................

15 large inch LED color displayReal Doppler function USB ports and VGA port and 4 probe connectors...


Color Doppler Ultrasound with 15-inch Screen For Heart, Pregnancy Testing YR05152

15′ LED display with multilingual function. Model CF+B simultaneously, PDI, DPDI, TDI, TSI, supports trapezoidal imaging...


Portable Ultrasound Scanner Cart, Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine YR05153

Large 15-inch color LED displayReal Doppler function USB and VGA ports and 2 probe connectors...


Veterinary Ultrasound with Professional Rectal Probe YR05146

Light weight of 0.5 kg, very comfortable to carry.Crystal clear with high resolution image display...


Our best-selling Ultrasound scanner

  • PC-based ultrasound, which can be connected to any printer of any brand.
  • Integrated 3D software, free to activate during the New Promotion.
  • Built-in battery, which can continuously operate at least 3 hours when power off.
  • 6 types of automatic reports and measurements for obstetrics/gynecology, cardiac, urology, small organ, muscle, vascular, etc.
  • Large 15-inch LED monitor.
  • Under use, relative tips will appear at the bottom of the screen to guide your next operation.
  • Multi-language function: English, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, French.
  • Excellent image quality and 175-degree viewing angle

Analysis of the best Ultrasound scanners for your lab


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An ultrasound scanner is a medical equipment that employs the use of ultrasound waves to obtain diagnostic images...


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An ultrasound scanner is a medical device that provides images of most soft tissues through the use of ultrasonic waves...


What is an Ultrasound scanner?   

Ultrasound is a high-frequency sound wave (more than 20,000 cycles per second or 20 kHz) that is not audible to humans..

Ultrasound scanner: What data does it provide?

An ultrasound scanner is a medical equipment that provides images of most soft tissues without subjecting patients...


Catalog of Ultrasound scanner models on offer

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