Water Baths, Circulators & Chillers

They are laboratory equipment that are made up of a container full of hot water. Water Baths is used to incubate samples in water at a constant temperature for a long period of time. All water baths have a digital or analog interface that allows users to set the desired temperature.

Applications include heating of reagents, fusion of substrates or cell culture incubation. It is also used to allow certain chemical reactions to occur at high temperatures. Water Baths is a preferred source of heat to warm flammable chemicals instead of an open flame to avoid ignition.

Different types of water baths are used depending on the application. For all water baths, it can be used up to 99.9 ° C. When the temperature is above 100 ° C, alternative methods such as oil bath, silicone bath or sand bath can be used.

Types of water baths that a laboratory could need

Bath Circulators

The cooling and heating pump of the YR series is the circulation pump most used for chemical reactors.

Oil bath

The series of oil baths YR is widely used in bioengineering, medicine, food, chemical industry, gold treatment, oil and other fields.


Magnetic agitation bath

It can be used as a water bath or oil bath. Strong magnetic stirrer built in the bathroom.


Transparent water bath

The YR transparent water bath series has a transparent camera design, with great improvement in the uniformity and precision of temperature ...

Water Baths

  • Water Baths with circulation: La circulación de los baños de son ideales para aplicaciones en las que la uniformidad y consistencia de la temperatura son críticas, como los experimentos enzimáticos y serológicos . El agua se hace circular a fondo por todo el baño, dando como resultado una temperatura más uniforme.
  • Water Baths without displacement: This type of water bath is based mainly on convection instead of water that is warmed uniformly. Therefore, it is less accurate in terms of temperature control. In addition, there are accessories that provide stirring at non-circulating water baths to create a more uniform heat transfer.

In Kalstein you can find your ideal water bath for your laboratory.

In Kalstein we have an excellent range of water baths for your laboratory. That's why we invite you to take a look at the "Products" menu.

Water Baths with circulating water

The circulation of the baths are ideal for applications in which the uniformity and consistency of the temperature are critical, such as enzymatic and serological experiments. The water is circulated thoroughly throughout the bath, resulting in a more uniform temperature.


Water Baths with non-circulating water

This type of water bath is based mainly on convection instead of water that is imperviously heated. Therefore, it is less accurate in terms of temperature control. In addition, there are accessories that provide agitation to non-circulating water baths ...


Water Baths with shaken

This type of water bath has an additional control to shake, which moves liquids. This function can be activated or deactivated. In microbiological practices, constant agitation allows cell cultures grown in cultured liquid to be constantly mixed ...


Our best selling product 🏆

The YR0507 water baths series is the more used in the laboratories. Its camera and lid use 304 stainless steel, and contains triple safety protections to ensure laboratory safety. The camera is deeper than the normal bath and bow cover.

  1. Integrated stamped camera, slot on the bottom for better drainage
  2. 304 stainless steel
  3. Deep camera for big Erlenmeyer, with bow cover
  4. Five rings cover, more convenient for different sizes of glassware
  5. Hidden, beautiful and easy-to-use drain tube.

What is it is a circulation bath?

Heating circulation baths with a stainless steel bath allow controlling the temperature of internal and external thermoregulation tasks. The items can be directly thermoregulated by placing them in a thermostat bath and the control of externally connected applications is also possible.

It is a thermostatic team used in chemical research laboratories to transfer heat indirectly, by thermal convection, a sample that requires analysis. Thanks to these equipment, the transmission of heat is performed uniformly to the sample. It has many categories of equipment, depending on the use you want to give it, which can perform from very basic tasks to multiple tasks simultaneously.


What is your ideal water bath for your laboratory?

There are innumerable models, so it is normal that you do not know which Water Baths to buy to meet your needs. In Kalstein, we evaluate them to find what you are looking for.

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A water bath is a laboratory equipment consisting of a container filled with hot water. The water bath is used to incubate samples in water at a constant temperature for a long...

Cooling baths and circulation baths - Kalstein

The use of cooling baths and circulation baths in research laboratories is of great importance, since both allow experiments to be carried out where the uniformity...

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