Horizontal Autoclave

A horizontal autoclave is a device that is used to perform a complete sterilization of materials, once they are exposed to high temperatures and pressure, this technology is widely used in clinical environments to ensure complete elimination of pathogens from the work area. 

However, there may be common problems related to horizontal autoclaves, so it is important to know the corresponding diagnostics and solutions to ensure proper operation and performance of the equipment. 

Types of Horizontal Autoclave a lab may need

Table Autoclave Class N YR03395 - YR03400

It is a semi-automatic autoclave “Class N” that works without steam generator. It has a security lock...


Table Autoclave Class B YR03385B - YR03385C

Table autoclaves of 8 Liters, 12 Liters, 18 Liters and 23 Liters with pre-vacuum of class B, meets the standard...


Vacuum Autoclave Horizontal Pulsing Sliding Door

The horizontal pressure steam autoclave of the YR05647 // YR05654 series is the equipment that disinfects ...


Pulsing vacuum autoclave with lifting door

The whole procedure from water inlet, pulse vacuum, heating, sterilizing, water outlet, exhausting to vacuum drying...


Our Best Selling Horizontal Autoclave

  • The cycle will not start unless the door is properly closed.
  • Automated system with double security locking device, prevents the door from opening while the camera is pressurized (optional).
  • Safety valves prevent overpressure of the generator and chamber.
  • A safety thermostat prevents overheating in the camera and generator.
  • An automatic safety lock prevents accidental opening of the door during the sterilization process.
  • An electricity protector automatically cuts off power if somewhere has a short circuit or the power provider is not very stable.
  • Failure alarm, indicates a cycle failure, and details the error code.
  • Door alarm, indicates that the door is not secured.
  • Low water alarm, indicates when the water tank is empty or too full.

Analysis of Horizontal Autoclaves for your laboratory

Cleaning and maintenance of             horizontal autoclaves               

The proper cleaning and maintenance of a horizontal autoclave are essential to ensure optimal performance ...


Safety and regulations applicable to horizontal autoclaves

Safety is one of the main considerations when dealing with horizontal autoclaves; horizontal autoclaves ...


Uses and applications of horizontal autoclave for laboratory

The horizontal autoclave for laboratory is a high temperature and pressure storage device used to eliminate all...


Test and verification procedures for horizontal autoclaves

Horizontal autoclaves are important sterilization equipment used for disinfection of materials and equipment ...


Guides to becoming an expert in Horizontal Autoclave

Horizontal Autoclave equipment are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

Use of advanced technology for horizontal autoclave control

The control of horizontal autoclaves has become a vital part of the cleaning process in the pharmaceutical and food...

Horizontal autoclaves with drying and without drying, uses       

These models of horizontal autoclaves are used in large-scale sterilization applications, specially designed to sterilize ...

Diagnosing and solving common problems with horizontal autoclaves

A horizontal autoclave is a device that is used to perform a complete sterilization of materials, once they are exposed...

Evaluation of costs and benefits of horizontal laboratory autoclaves

Laboratory horizontal autoclaves are a safe and efficient form of pressure disinfection and sterilization; these equipment require adequate space when purchased in a laboratory and are designed for long-term use....

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