A Hematology Analyzer is a device that allows you to perform a complete blood count. That is, doctors perform a qualitative and quantitative analysis of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. A complete blood count (CBC) or Hematology Analysis reflects all the elements or components of the blood, reflecting their number or proportion in the individual.

This is one of the most requested Laboratory tests and is part of the basic study required for diagnostic guidance and evaluation of patients, since it offers a general overview and can serve as an indicator of anemia, infectious diseases, coagulation problems, among others. .

Types of Analyzers a Laboratory May Need

Coagulation Analyzer

In the laboratory, numerous techniques have been developed for the study of coagulation, among them we have the coagulogram, a test that is widely useful in clinical laboratories, since many of the tests that make up the coagulogram can be performed using an automated coagulation analyzer. , this is a laboratory equipment by which clotting factors can be accurately and accurately measured.

Coagulation is the result of a coordinated interaction of blood proteins, circulating cells, vasculature cells, and extracellular matrix proteins in the vessel wall.

Chemistry Analyzer

Automatic blood chemistry analyzers are devices intended for rapid measurement of a wide variety of blood parameters. These devices can detect patterns of abnormalities, and their analysis after analysis of the blood sample is much more accurate and reliable than a manual test. Their use helps detect and treat chronic diseases and infections before they become more serious diseases, which can save lives.

In the world of modern medicine, the analysis of blood chemistry is a critical tool in the early detection of diseases. It is considered a highly sensitive test that helps identify early-stage diseases that can be life threatening. 


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There are a lot of models, so it is normal that you do not know which Analyzer to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

Portable Chemical Analyzer YR06092

Compact size takes up minimum space. Both ฮฆ1.3cm and ฮฆ1.5cm tube supported...


Food Safety Analyzer YR06089

Versatile analyzer for lab detection and on-site screening. Multi-assay enables up to 96 tests and 12 different assays on one plate....


 Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer YR06074

Automatic, Random Access. Automatic 8 steps washing system, Low carry over...


Automated Chemistry Analyzer YR06073

Labor saving, simple programming and real walk-away operation. Micro-volume for sample...


Our Best Selling Analyzer

  • Clotting, Chromogenic and Immunoturbidimetry method
  • Integrated PC , touch screen and printer
  • Multifunctional probe, collision protection, liquid level detection,
  • Inventory check and clot detection, reagent preheating, overheating
  • Protection and recoverable overheating function

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Analyzer Running

There are different reagent analyzers, everything depends on the analytical method we use, most chemical reagents are used in extensive research, chemical analysis, in the preparation and also in the production of other substances.

The characteristics of laboratory applications and their scale determine the quantities and types of reagents; similarly there are different analyzers, each with specific applications and unique characteristics for each, in KALSTEIN, we have analyzers for all the needs of your laboratory.

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