Turbidity meter

A Turbidimeter is a device used to measure the Turbidity of a liquid. This instrument is capable of measuring the size and concentration of particles in a suspension by scattering light in a tube. In other words, a turbidity meter determines how turbid a liquid is. This equipment consists of a light source, a cell to contain the sample and a light detector (photocell).

Turbidity is measured in NTU, which stands for Nephelometric Turbidity Units. A Turbidimeter measures the intensity of light scattered at 90 degrees when a beam of light passes through a water sample. The unit used in older times was the JTU (Jackson Turbidity Units), measured with the Jackson candle turbidimeter. This unit is no longer in standard use.

Types of Turbidy meter that a laboratory may require

Benchtop turbidity meter YR01842

Multiparameter benchtop turbidity meter with the Total Suspended Solids measurement mode, 2 to 7 points calibration...


Portable turbidity meter YR01841

High-performance portable turbidity meter, 2 to 5 points calibration, selectable 4 turbidity units. The meter is suitable...


Our Best Selling Turbidity Meter

Multiparameter benchtop turbidity meter with the Total Suspended Solids measurement mode, 2 to 7 points calibration, selectable 4 turbidity units. The meter is suitable for laboratory use.


โ€ข Multiparameter benchtop turbidity meter is equipped with a 4.5 inches TFT display.
โ€ข 2 to 7 points calibration using the Formazin Standards.
โ€ข Selectable 4 turbidity units, including the NTU, FNU, EBC and ASBC.
โ€ข TSS conversion factor ensures the accurate measurement of the total suspended solids.
โ€ข Auto-Read function senses and locks a stable reading.

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Guides to becoming an expert in Turbidity Meters

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Turbidity Control in Water Treatment

Turbidity meters are commonly used as part of water quality inspection to determine water resource protection...

Turbidimeter: operation

A turbidimeter is a laboratory device used to measure suspended particles in a liquid, that is, to measure their degree...

How is turbidity measured?

Turbidity is the measure of the opacity or cloudiness of a fluid, it is measured by specialized instruments called turbidimeters..

Advantages of using turbidimeter in the laboratory

Turbidimeters measure the intensity or attenuation of light that is transmitted through a liquid sample. The readings are reported in Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU), which correspond to the concentration of formazine that is used as a reference....

Video of our Turbidity Meter in operation

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Turbidity meter in operation

To know the degree to which water loses its transparency, it is necessary and indispensable in the quality of drinking water; the measurement of turbidity requires the use of a light beam, this is known as the incident light beam, with defined characteristics, in order to determine the semiquantitative presence of particulate material present in water or any fluid sample.

When we filter water using any properly functioning filtration system, the turbidity of the effluent is monitored with a turbidity meter, this instrument has a beam of incident light that detects the material present in water, which causes the light beam to scatter and this scattered light detects and quantifies in relation to a traceable calibration standard.

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