Laminar flow hood, clean bench and biosecurity cabins

A laboratory campaign is an effective means of capturing flammable, irritating, corrosive, carcinogenic vapors, etc. to prevent personnel exposures and prevent their diffusion into the laboratory atmosphere. When the hatch is down, the cabin is also a physical barrier that protects the operator from hazards such as splashes, aerosols, fires and minor explosions.

Smoke hoods are a type of ventilation system with the main function of protecting the user against exposure to chemical vapors, gases, dust and aerosols. They act as physical barriers between the reagents and the laboratory, providing protection against inhalation, spills of hazardous substances and fires.

Types of Biosafety Campaigns and Booths a Laboratory May Need

Class I Biosecurity cabin

  • The class I biosafety cabinet does not protect the product from contamination because unpurified room air is constantly entering the work area.
  • As a partial containment unit, the class I biosafety enclosure is suitable for work with low to moderate risk agents (biosafety levels 1, 2 and 3) where containment is required, but not to protect the product.
  • Unlike the conventional extraction hood, the HEPA filter in the Class I biosafety booth protects the environment by filtering the air before it runs out.
  • With negative pressure, staff protection is possible thanks to the constant movement of air in the work area.

Horizontal laminar flow cabinet

The desk cleaning bench is a local purification unit that is used in clean aseptic and dustless environment in the fields of medicine and health, biological engineering, scientific experiments, etc.

Product Features

  • All equipment adopts cold rolled plate welding and the surface is electrostatically sprayed.
  • The air supply mode of the equipment is divided into vertical air supply and horizontal air supply, near-closed glass shock absorber, which is easy to operate.
  • Small and exquisite, it can be freely placed on the general workbench for its operation, which is convenient for use in small studios.
  • The ventilation system is controlled by a fast and slow double speed remote switch to ensure that the wind speed in the work area is always in an ideal state.

In Kalstein you can find the  Biosafety campaigns and booths ideal for your laboratory

There are countless models, so it's normal that you don't know which Biosafety Campaigns and Booths to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

Laminar Flow Cabinet YR05746           

This is a kind of clean bench widely used in medical treatment, chemical experiment, electron, precise machinery...


Single Person Laminar Flow Cabinet YR05266

Can choose horizontal and vertical flow, single people single side; Mirror stainless steel, corrosion-resistant...


Biological Safety Cabinet YR05270 – YR05271

Biological safety cabinets is clean equipment in biological experiments, to prevent damage of the experimental...


Laminar Flow Cabinet YR05740        

The shell is welded by cold-rolled plates, the surface is electrostatically sprayed, and the work surface is SUS304 brushed...


Our Best Selling Biosafety Campaigns and Cabins

  • Small dimension, save space.
  • Centrifugal fan, speed adjustable; H14 HEPA filter.
  • Motorized front window: The front window is motorized for convenient, one-hand operation.
  • Audio and visual alarm: Abnormal airflow velocity, Filter replacement, Front window at unsafe height.High filter pressure alarm.
  • Time reserve function: This can save 30 minutes waiting time after activating the cabinet and the sterilization time after experiment.
  • Remote control: Each function can be realized 6 meters away from the cabinet by remote control, which can protect the operator under emergency.
  • Large LCD display: Operators can check detailed status of the cabinet, such as inflow and downflow velocity, work area temperature and humidity, filter pressure, UV working time and filter working time, filter life indicator etc.

Analysis of the best Biosafety Campaigns and Booths for your laboratory

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A laminar flow hood is a device that allows obtaining a sterile and safe area for any need that is required within...


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Laboratory hoods are fundamental pieces in the operation of this space to maintain air quality. The variety of ...


How does a fume hood work?              

A hood or hood in laboratories are an effective means of capturing flammable, irritant, corrosive, carcinogenic vapors...


How does a laminar flow cabin work?

A laminar flow cabin is a laboratory equipment that provides an area delimited by easy-to-clean surfaces...


Guides to becoming an expert in Biosafety Campaigns and Cabins

Biosafety Campaigns and Booths are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

Biosafety cabinet for PCR and Covid                                    

A biosafety cabinet for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) work is laboratory equipment that confers a work area enclosed ...

Safety levels in a biological safety cabinet

The biological safety cabinet represents a primary containment barrier that allows safe work with biological agents...

What Biosecurity cabinet choose to work with COVID-19?

The biological safety cabinet represents a primary containment barrier that allows working safely with biological agents...

Biological safety bells: what types of laboratories are used in?

Biological safety bells are equipment that provide protection for the operator against infectious agents. Their designs are vertical and horizontal, used in microbiology laboratories, which prevents the exit of bioaerosols from the work area...

Videos of Biosafety Campaigns and Booths in Operation

In this section you can find, our Biosafety Campaigns and Booths in operation, packaged, receiving service, etc.

Biosafety campaigns and booths in operation

Biosafety cabinets are ventilated rooms designed to limit the risk of laboratory personnel exposed to infectious agents as much as possible. This is especially important considering that many of the operations performed in a laboratory involve the formation of aerosols. The primary objective of this equipment is to provide a work area that minimizes the likelihood that an airborne particle will have to escape to the outside of the cockpit and thus contaminate the operator and the surrounding area. 

When a biological safety cabinet is used by properly trained personnel, aware of its limitations, it becomes a very effective containment equipment to reduce the possible escape of biological contamination. However, it is important to note that a booth is never a substitute for an appropriate microbiological technique

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