Laboratory refrigerators and freezers.

Les réfrigérateurs sont principalement utilisés pour la conservation des échantillons et des réactifs. Ils maintiennent une température constante pour minimiser le risque de contamination croisée ou d'explosion de matériaux volatils. Afin de maintenir une température stable et uniforme, de nombreux réfrigérateurs ont un ventilateur qui circule de l'air à l'intérieur de l'appareil. Lorsque la porte du réfrigérateur s'ouvre, le ventilateur s'arrête automatiquement pour empêcher le froid de s'échapper.

Les congélateurs sont un équipement de refroidissement comprenant un compartiment thermique isolé et un système de réfrigération, ce qui vous aide à garder la putréfaction plus lente. Il reste froid pour la compression ou par absorption, capable de maintenir les produits stockés à l'intérieur à une température inférieure à 0 ° C, généralement compris entre -30 ° C et -4 ° C.


Types of freezers for keeping tests, vaccines and cultures in a laboratory.

Laboratory freezers

The laboratory freezer is one of the most important equipment. Its function consists in maintaining, in a controlled environment (refrigerated space), various fluids and substances, so that they are conserved in good condition while the temperature, lower chemical and biological activity. To achieve this, it is required that the interior temperature of the refrigerator is less than the ambient temperature.

Although it may be easy to identify, the laboratory freezer has the main function of preserving adequately, any type of substance, either liquid or homogeneous, with the purpose that, when performing the analyzes, they generate the results Right.

These laboratory elements, which contribute greatly to the management and conservation of substances, should be taken as essential and vital in any laboratory, however small it may be.

You must remember, that the main element so that this can work is the low temperature, therefore, you must know, what is appropriate for what you want to preserve, do it efficiently.


Laboratory refrigerators

The refrigerator in a laboratory is one of the most important equipment. Its function is to maintain, in a controlled environment (refrigerated space), various fluids and substances, so that they remain in good condition, while the temperature, the decrease of chemical and biological products. To do this, it is necessary that the internal temperature of the refrigerator is lower than the room temperature.

Two main types of refrigerators are distinguished in the health sector: laboratory refrigerators and pharmacy refrigerators. Both must allow easy and complete cleaning of surfaces and must offer high reliability, especially with regard to temperature control. Some models also offer an automatic defrost and / or forced air cooling function.

It is important to note that, for the best operation of the refrigerators, it is necessary that they be located in a cool and ventilated environment. There should be at least one window in order to avoid heating the area.

When installing a laboratory refrigerator in your spaces, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer; in order to properly maintain your equipment. We also advise you to keep it completely away from any ray of sunlight, in this way its operation will be the most optimal.


Our best-selling refrigerator 🏆

Equiped with a complete temperature alarm system featuring audible buzzer and visible flashing light capable of alerting failures due to high and low temperature sensor error, door ajar, power failure and low battery

  • USB port for parameter information export
  • High efficiency fan cooling fast
  • Heated glass door to prevent fogging
  • Glycerin box accurately simulate the temperature in the cabinet
  • Forced-air cooling with optimized air distribution system designed to achieve maximum temperature uniformity and stability. Optimized refrigeration system design for more effective cooling and speedy recovery
  • Test hole for monitor sensor and temperature test
  • Optimized space utilization design with multi-level and adjustable shelf height to accommodate storage requirement of pharmaceutical products of various kinds. Fafety lock to prevent unauthorized access. Caster design and leveling legs
  • LED interior light

In Kalstein you can find the ideal refrigerators and freezers for the correct storage of vaccines.

At Kalstein, we specialize in the development and manufacture of scientific refrigeration equipment for medical and hospital areas, blood banks, laboratories and scientific research in general.

What should you keep in mind?

If vaccines are exposed to the wrong climatic conditions, they can lose their stability and efficacy, causing fatal consequences. For this reason, all important air conditioning parameters must be monitored to meet high quality standards.


Available equipment for the storage of vaccines

Use of specially designed or pharmaceutical grade units designed for refrigeration or freezing is recommended. These units can be compact, under the counter style, or large.


Storing vaccines correctly is essential

To maintain the effectiveness of the vaccine, the cold chain of the vaccine must be maintained. The vaccine cold chain is a temperature controlled environment used to maintain and distribute vaccines in optimal conditions.

Freezers and laboratory refrigerators on offer

YR-930 Medical Refrigerator


Chest Freezer YR05102


Large volume refrigerator


Blood Bank Refrigerator YR05091


Blood Bank Refrigerator YR05093


Medical Refrigerator YR05083


Medical Refrigerator YR05087


Chest Freezer YR05104


What is your ideal laboratory refrigerator and freezer?

There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know which refrigerator or freezer can suit your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate them to find what you're looking for.

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Refrigerator Role: COVID-19 Vaccine Storage

Regarding the vaccine against covid, we have that the doses of Pfizer require prolonged storage at -70 ° C, while those of Moderna must be kept at -20 ° C in the long term. Both can last for shorter periods in a normal refrigerator, where temperatures range from 2 ° C to 8 ° C. Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine can be stored and transported long-term at normal refrigerator temperatures.

Production line of refrigerators and freezers

Each of the refrigerators that you will find in a laboratory are greatly important. Thanks to them, you can preserve substances of biological and reactive origin. In this way, the analyzes and studies that are going to be carried out will be optimal.

It is important to note that, for the best performance of the refrigerators, it is necessary to be located in a fresh and ventilated environment. At least there must be a window in order to avoid heating the area.

Recalls that the chemical and biological activity of substances increases considerably with the temperature, therefore, maintaining preserved samples is vital for any laboratory, otherwise the samples would alter their properties and decompose.

Kalstein products offer a wide range of options for low temperature storage. There are a variety of medical refrigerators and freezers for the laboratory. You can find different types of cooling systems in our catalog HERE



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