The measurement of the intensity, spectrum, lifetime and polarization of fluorescence makes it possible to determine the presence of fluorophores and their concentrations. The equipment used is called a fluorometer, an analytical instrument designed to determine the concentration of fluorescent compounds. The analysis technique is called fluorometry, which is widely accepted in the scientific field and is a valuable and powerful analytical tool for both quantitative and qualitative analysis. It is a sensitive optical emission technique, consisting of exciting the sample molecules with a photon source. Fluorometry is still being explored; modern instruments offer many advantages that facilitate data collection. It is generally used if there is no sufficiently sensitive or selective colorimetric method for the substance to be determined.

Types of Fluorometer a laboratory may need


A fluorometer measures the fluorescence parameters its intensity and wavelength distribution of the emission spectrum after excitation by a certain spectrum of light. Applications include chemical/biochemical, medical, environmental monitoring. That means they are used to measure chlorophyll fluorescence to investigate plant physiology. These are key devices in any biological laboratory, especially for research. ....


Our best selling Fluorometer

  • Simple โ€“ 4.3 inch touch screen, small and easy to use
  • Easy measurement within 3 sec for DNA, RNA, and protein
  • High sensitivity โ€“ Lowest DNA detection limit is 0.5pg/ฮผl
  • Two optical channels โ€“ Equipped with two fluorescence channels for nucleic acid, protein quantitation in one detection
  • Linear dynamic rangeโ€“Five orders of magnitude.
  • Opening systemโ€“You can match the instrument with the reagent you choose
  • It can save at most 1,000 data and output data by USB port
  • Adapter: 0.5ml qPCR tube adapter; 0.2ml qPCR tube adapter

Analysis of the best Fluorometers for your laboratory

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Fluorometry is an optical analysis technique with a wide variety of applications, it does not require more ...


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We can say that a Fluorometer is a special optical device commonly used in laboratory environments, which is...


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Guides to becoming an expert in Fluorometers

At Kalstein we are manufacturers of Flourometers equipment of the highest quality and that have the best technology on the market, we leave you some guides so that you know more about our product...

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Spectrofluorometry is the science that analyzes the fluorescence of a sample. This science, is applied by a device called...

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Luminescence is the emission of light by any substance, due to electronically excited states, by means other than ...

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There are two general instruments to measure fluorescence, which are fluorometers and spectrofluorometers, in this article we will focus on the differences between both equipment. ...

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In this section you will find our Fluorometers in operation, packaged, being serviced, etc.

Fluorometer in Operation

Spectrofluorometry is the science of analyzing the fluorescence of a sample. This science, applied by a device called a Fluorometer, is an instrument which measures and studies the properties of chemical compounds in order to deduce information about the luminescent elements.

Generally, the properties can be investigated according to the grouping of different species and/or the chemical environment of the sample, through quantitative and qualitative analysis.


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