Microscopes are essential equipment in any laboratory, some are very simple while others are more complex equipment; however, they are all made up of many parts that require proper maintenance, since they represent a large investment.

The first great advances in science and in particular in the biological sciences are due in part to the invention of the optical microscope, when at the end of the seventeenth century Anton van Leeuwenhoek, carving lenses, was able to appreciate the world that due to its small size was impossible see with the naked eye: the microscopic world.


Types of Microscopes a Laboratory May Need

Biological + USB Portable Dual Lens Digital Microscope YR05783 // YR05786

Teaching Head, WF10x, WF16x, Quarduple, Ach. 4x10x40x100x, Mechanical Stage 115x125mm, Coaxial Focusing...


 LCD Touch Screen Digital                  Microscope YR05782                       

Double Layer Mechanical Stage 143*132mm, Upgradeable To 216x150mm,3W LED Kohler Illumination With...


Laboratory Biological Microscope, Trinocular, Achromatic YR05788-AT

Inclined 30°, rotatable 360°, interpupillary distance 48-75mm, high eyepoint eyepiece, which is convenient for people ...


Binocular Biological Laboratory Microscope YR05789 –          YR05790             

Head Upgrade to large size with eyepiece tube dia.30.30mm,Eyepiece upgrade to dia.30mm Diopter adjustable...


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An optical microscope is a device that is used to enlarge objects to a scale at which they are visible to naked eyes. This is done using a magnifying lens to manipulate light and interference patterns. Optical microscopes come in many styles, sizes and configurations, as needed for the appropriate application. Proper adjustment of display parameters is a key factor in achieving good results.
Key parameters include magnification, depth of field, working distance, illumination, image size and image quality. The microscope lens determines the amount of magnifying power, which is the ratio of the focal length of the lens to that of the eyepiece.

Analysis of the best Microscopes for your laboratory

  Types of optical microscopes            

The optical microscope is a device that allows observing elements or structures that cannot be observed with the...


What is a phase contrast microscope?

There are cells that when viewed under a microscope look transparent, in many cases, the use of staining...


Types of microscopes: applications

The microscope is a device that allows observing elements or structures that cannot be observed with the naked...


Microscopes and their different uses

The microscope is a piece of equipment through which we can observe elements or structures that cannot be....


Catalog of Microscopes models on offer


Guides to Becoming a Microscope Expert

Microscopic equipment are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

How to remove fungi from our microscopes?

Microscopes are essential equipment in any laboratory, some are very simple while others are more complex...

What are the limitations of optical microscopes?

Optical microscopes have been used for centuries to look at very small objects with better resolution than the human...

What are ultraviolet     light microscopes?           

They are a type of microscope, similar to conventional ones, however, they have a key difference, instead of ...

Is there a solution to sharpen the results obtained by optical microscopes?

Optical microscopy is an indispensable tool for the microscopic study of matter. This technique is one of the oldest research projects in science and has played a crucial role in advancing the understanding of the nature of materials since ancient times...

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Working Microscope

The microscope is a computer through which we can observe elements or structures that cannot be observed with the naked eye, by using lenses, viewfinders and rays of light, which approach or enlarge the image at scales suitable for examination and subsequent analysis. As high precision instruments, it is necessary to emphasize their care and maintenance in order to maintain the integrity of each of its components.

As with any laboratory instrument, they must be adjusted for optimum performance, protected from damage and regularly maintained. The care of microscopes is particularly important in areas where dust is abundant, it is essential to cover them when they are not used, and when cleaning the soil, to avoid damage.

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