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September 26, 2023

by Kalstein

Virology laboratories are, without a doubt, our silent heroes in times of pandemics. Behind their molecular biology teams and white-coated technicians, crucial battles against viruses unfold, a race against the clock to identify pathogens, develop vaccines and find ways to mitigate viral spread. But how do virology labs fight pandemics? 

September 26, 2023

by Kalstein

Microbiology laboratories play a pivotal role in the advancement of science and technology. They provide the critical results that inform decisions in areas as diverse as public health, environmental protection, and food production. But what actually happens on a day-to-day basis inside these laboratories?

September 4, 2023

by Kalstein

In the fascinating world of genetics, precision is essential for reliable and accurate results. This is where the UV transilluminator comes in, a crucial instrument that plays a pivotal role in genetic research. Used as an essential tool for the visualization of nucleic acids and stained proteins, this device is capable of revealing details that might not be visible, raising accuracy to new levels.

September 4, 2023

by Kalstein

The field of scientific research is quite broad and diverse; however, all branches of this vast domain converge on one common point: the laboratory. Any laboratory, regardless of its specialization or level, requires a number of specialized tools and equipment to function effectively. One of these key tools is the transilluminator. Selecting the right transilluminator for your lab is no simple task and deserves careful consideration. 

August 29, 2023

by Kalstein

The Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzer is an essential tool in the field of environmental science. This instrument, which gives precision and quality carbon concentration testing, plays a crucial role in water quality monitoring, as well as in the pharmaceutical and food industries, to name a few. However, like all laboratory tools, using this instrument effectively requires care and attention to avoid common mistakes.


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