Early Intervention Phototherapy Study to Prevent Bilirubin Toxicity

Phototherapy is an innovative treatment that is increasingly being used to prevent the toxicity of bilirubin in newborn babies, is designed to reduce levels of bilirubin in the blood, a toxic substance produced by the liver that if not reduced in time in newborns can lead to brain damage or permanent brain damage.

A recent review documented the results of a randomized trial of phototherapy to prevent bilirubin toxicity in newborn babies with premature birth.

How early intervention helps prevent bilirubin toxicity

The results showed that the use of early phototherapy with low dose regimen in children of lower gestational age with a serum bilirubin at 48 hours of life greater than 4 mg/dl significantly decreased the toxicity levels of bilirubin, this could suggest that early phototherapy can be a useful tool to prevent the toxicity of bilirubin in premature babies.

The results also highlighted that infants treated with phototherapy were less likely to develop jaundice, a condition in which bilirubin accumulates in the skin and eyes.

The implementation of phototherapy favors early intervention

The use of short-term phototherapy showed a significant decrease in serum bilirubin levels in infants within two seconds of initiation of treatment and maintained up to 72 hours.

In addition, treatment with phototherapy had a significantly lower impact on the levels of emesis, sedation, enteral feeding, temporary discharge from the hospital or use of the neonatal intensive care unit.

These results suggest that infants treated with early phototherapy experience fewer acute negative health states while trying to lower bilirubin levels.

Improvements when implementing an intervention with phototherapy

The early intervention study with phototherapy to prevent bilirubin toxicity has shown promising results in a large clinical trial.

At the same time, use of early phototherapy in premature infants significantly increases positive clinical outcomes, reducing the likelihood of developing severe jaundice or permanent brain damage.

That prevents early intervention using phototherapy

Early phototherapy is a safe and effective way to reduce serum bilirubin levels in premature babies and decrease the risks of bilirubin toxicity; it can help prevent toxicity, severe damage or permanent brain damage in premature babies who do not reach optimal bilirubin levels in the first trimester of life.

This gives doctors and parents the opportunity to significantly reduce potential brain damage in premature babies.

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