Neo-Natal Incubator And Different Types Of Phototherapy

March 16, 2022by Kalstein

This type of device is intended to offer the full-term or premature newborn a warm and safe environment, where its vital signs can be monitored, to maintain a temperature that keeps it stable; in some cases when the blood of the baby and the mother are different, jaundice occurs in the newborn, needing special attention, through phototherapy, and all KALSTEIN incubators are conditioned for this.

Neo-natal incubators brand KALSTEIN

  • Infant phototherapy incubator YR02182: can display precise parameters, air temperature, skin temperature and multiple alarms with three levels. 
  • Infant phototherapy incubator YR02183: it is characterized by keeping fragile infants in a stable and comfortable environment; offers the best therapy for jaundice in the neonatal intensive care unit.
  • Infant phototherapy incubator YR02184: It is the most sophisticated unit, treating jaundice with simultaneous intensive LED phototherapy in an appropriate, protected and reliable environment.
  • Infant incubator YR02185/YR02186/YR02187/YR02188: all three models offer a safe and controlled environment.

Neo-natal phototherapy

Phototherapy is a technique used in preterm or term newborns, who have high levels of bilirubin in the blood; this condition produces in him drink that the color of his skin and eyes is yellow, but the use of phototherapy consists of exposing the baby to a source of intense white light or fluorescent, previous requirements in the neo-nate, not only is placing the baby a certain time is important the care of the intensive care nurse.

Jaundice is the main reason for the use of this technique, however, there are other diseases in the newborn that require phototherapy, such as skin diseases, and according to the baby’s conditions, phototherapy can be applied with different lights, white or blue, at different times, in hospitals or at home; but it is important to control bilirubin, although with the therapy yellowing disappears is not a guarantee that the unconjugated bilirubin has performed its process and is conjugated bilirubin, constant studies are required.

Types of phototherapy

  • According to the color of their lamps
  • Simple, standard or conventional phototherapy: it uses lamps with fluorescent tubes, two white and four blue.
  • Dual or intensive phototherapy: it has six blue tubes in its lamps.
  • according to the hours of light exposure:
  • Intermittent phototherapy: it has cycles of exposure to light and rest cycles. 12 hours of exposure and 12 hours of rest are usually employed. (Only simple or conventional phototherapy can be applied intermittently.)
  • Continuous phototherapy: in which light exposure is performed 24 hours a day by pausing it only in the food intake or diaper changes.

Lamps to administer phototherapy 

– Halogen lamps: produce greater central irradiation with less irradiation at the periphery.

– Fluorescent lamps: the most effective light is the special blue light. They are the most used.

– LED lamps: they are the most recent lamps and have the advantage of allowing the intensity of irradiation to be attenuated or increased using a single unit.

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