Gel documentation: types and uses

March 18, 2023by Kalstein

The documentation of gels is a process that is carried out in a photodocumentation of gels, this equipment is part of the special equipment of molecular biology laboratories. Among its functions are allowing to observe, take photos and analyze bands of the gels after electrophoresis. In other words, it allows visualizing the bands in the gels that are not visible to the naked eye because these devices have a high resolution and focus lenses that substantially improve the obtaining of results.

Due to technological development, gel documentation systems are now available, specifically designed to adapt to the needs of each laboratory, thus providing innovative solutions for both capturing and analyzing protein images.

The great advantage of gel documentation is that it reduces user operating times and, therefore, results with higher quality than those obtained by conventional methods are obtained. These systems offer better sensitivity and speed, and allow reaching the lowest limits of detection for DNA, RNA and proteins.

Many of the software that comes with these systems have features such as automatic image capture, user preferences, and automatic analysis, making imaging and analysis much easier.

Types of gels to analyze

 This gel is a good electrophoretic support, its nature gives it the characteristic of being able to separate molecules according to their size. This gel is used to separate nucleic acids based on their size. It is commonly used to separate large molecules.

Polyacrylamide gel

It is considered as the best support. They are transparent gels and from the chemical point of view inert, uniform and insoluble. They are insoluble in water and have high mechanical stability. It is used in protein electrophoresis as it also allows the separation of molecules based on their size. Among the disadvantages of its so we find that it is neurotoxic,

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