A Look at the Specifications of the YR06167 Veterinary Magnetic Resonance System

The YR06167 Veterinary Magnetic Resonance System is an advanced diagnostic device designed to enable veterinary physicians to obtain detailed images of animals’ internal systems. This is achieved through the use of a powerful permanent magnet with an automatic constant temperature system that has a field intensity of 0.35T and is C-shaped.

In addition to its unique design, this equipment has an active/passive/dynamic Shim system that allows a homogeneity of less than 35ppm for a DSV of 30 cm. With a vertical gap of the magnet of 35 cm and an accessibility of 250°, this system offers broad and comprehensive coverage for accurate and efficient diagnosis. https://kalstein.net/en/product/veterinary-mri-system-yr06167/

Optimizing Image Accuracy with the Gradient System

The performance of magnetic resonance is directly related to the quality of its gradient system. The YR06167 Veterinary Magnetic Resonance System excels in this aspect, as it features a gradient field intensity on a single axis of up to 15mT/m and a gradient spin speed of up to 45mT/m/ms.

The high spin speed allows for high resolution in the images and thanks to a rise time of just 0.3 ms, this system is able to provide a large number of detailed images in a short time. This ensures that diagnoses are both accurate and efficient.

Advancements in the RF System for Better Data Collection

With the fully digital spectrograph and the digital transmission and reception RF system, the YR06167 Veterinary Magnetic Resonance System significantly improves data collection. It has a number of two RF channels and presents a dynamic range of over 80 dB, which means it can collect a very wide range of signal frequencies.

The improved RF system ensures that the signals sent and received are of the highest quality. The maximum power of the transmitter amplifier is 5kW, while the RF bandwidth of the receiver is greater than 400kHz. These features together make the YR06167 a versatile and complete system.

A Peek at the Coil Phase Set

The coil of this system stands out for its phase set type, which allows for better image segmentation. Moreover, with its noise factor of 0.3 dB, it is able to limit the noise that could interfere with image clarity.

This unique feature ensures that diagnoses are accurate, providing veterinarians with the clearest possible information about the animal’s health condition. If you want to see the high-end product catalog that we have for you at KALSTEIN visit us https://kalstein.net/en/

Medical Applications of the YR06167 Veterinary Magnetic Resonance System

The medical applications of the YR06167 Veterinary Magnetic Resonance System are varied and significant. This system can be used for:

  1. Evaluation of Soft Tissue Injuries: This system can assist veterinarians in visualizing internal injuries in organs and soft tissues that may be difficult to diagnose otherwise.
  2. Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases: The YR06167 can be use to evaluate an animal’s cardiovascular health and detect any signs of heart disease.
  3. Brain Imaging: The system can also be use to create detailed images of the brain for neurological diagnoses.
  4. Identification of Tumors: With the ability to capture detailed and accurate images, this system can help identify and locate tumors.
  5. Diagnosis of Bone Diseases: Being able to accurately visualize bones, this equipment is ideal for diagnosing bone diseases in animals.

Thanks to its versatility and the quality of its images, the YR06167 Veterinary Magnetic Resonance System is an indispensable tool for any veterinary clinic.