The Revolution in the Laboratory: Kalstein High-Speed Bench Top Refrigerated Centrifuge YR0126

In the world of research and diagnostics, having high-quality, high-performance equipment is essential. Kalstein, a leading brand in laboratory technology, presents the High-Speed Bench Top Refrigerated Centrifuge YR0126, a device designed to meet the most demanding requirements. In this article, we will explore in detail its features, technical specifications, pricing, availability, variants, and how to use this advanced device.

Product Description

The Kalstein High-Speed Bench Top Refrigerated Centrifuge YR0126 is an indispensable tool for research laboratories, clinics, and universities. This equipment combines cutting-edge technology with a compact and ergonomic design, allowing precise and efficient centrifugation. The cooling capability ensures that samples remain at a constant temperature, preventing the degradation of heat-sensitive materials.

Features and Benefits:

  • High Speed: Capable of reaching up to 21,000 RPM, this centrifuge ensures rapid and effective sample separation.
  • Integrated Refrigeration: Maintains a stable temperature, essential for sample integrity.
  • Digital Display: Allows precise control of speed and temperature.
  • Low Noise Level: Designed to operate quietly, enhancing the work environment.
  • Advanced Safety: Features an automatic locking system that ensures operator safety.

Technical Specifications

The Kalstein High-Speed Bench Top Refrigerated Centrifuge YR0126 is constructed with durable materials and advanced technology. Below are its technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 620 x 580 x 380 mm
  • Weight: 85 kg
  • Maximum Capacity: 4 x 250 ml
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to 40°C
  • Power Supply: 220V/50Hz
  • Rotor Material: High-strength aluminum alloy


The cost of the Kalstein High-Speed Bench Top Refrigerated Centrifuge YR0126 varies according to the selected specifications and configurations. The base price for the standard model starts at $5,000 USD. For customized versions or with additional capacities, the price may increase. It is advisable to contact Kalstein directly to obtain an accurate quote according to the specific needs of the laboratory.


Currently, the Kalstein High-Speed Bench Top Refrigerated Centrifuge YR0126 is in stock and available for immediate shipment. Kalstein is committed to maintaining a constant flow of products, with restocking times estimated at less than four weeks in case of stock depletion. Orders can be placed through the official Kalstein website or by contacting a representative for personalized assistance.


Kalstein offers several versions of the High-Speed Bench Top Refrigerated Centrifuge YR0126 to meet different needs. Available variants include:

  • Different Capacities: Models with adjustable rotor capacities for different sample volumes.
  • Special Editions: Versions with additional features such as touch screens or data storage capabilities.
  • Customized Colors: Color options for better aesthetic integration in the laboratory environment.

Usage Instructions

To ensure the optimal performance of the Kalstein High-Speed Bench Top Refrigerated Centrifuge YR0126, follow these instructions:

  1. Preparation: Ensure the centrifuge is located on a flat and stable surface. Connect the device to an appropriate power source.
  2. Sample Loading: Place the samples in the centrifuge tubes and balance the rotor correctly.
  3. Setting Up: Use the digital display to select the desired speed and temperature. Program the centrifugation time according to the sample’s needs.
  4. Operation: Close the safety lid and press the start button. The device will begin operating according to the set configurations.
  5. Completion: At the end of the cycle, the centrifuge will automatically stop. Wait for the rotor to come to a complete stop before opening the lid.
  6. Cleaning and Maintenance: After each use, clean the rotor and the interior of the device with a soft cloth and non-abrasive products. Perform regular maintenance as per the user manual.

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